Dheu Platinium GrowMix 40L PLATINIUM
  • Dheu Platinium GrowMix 40L PLATINIUM

Dheu Platinium GrowMix 40L PLATINIUM

Çmim: 11 €

Platinium dheu GrowMix është mbi dheut më kualitet në treg. Është i përzir me 30% Perlit për strukturën më të mirë dhe të airushme.

Growmix është perfekt për të gjitha bimë dhe lule prej fillimit teri të fund.

Growmix PLATINIUM 40L.


PLATINIUM SOIL – GROW MIX Perlite 40L The Grow Mix is suitable for transplanting or repotting . The Grow Mix is specially designed to ensure good rooting and growth of the plant. It contains sufficient mineral fertilization for the first 4 to 6 weeks. However, in order not to completely exhaust the food supply, it is advisable to start fertilization after 3 weeks on a regular basis.

Composition: Soil with blond peat, black peat, perlite, fertilizer.

SUPPORT OF CULTURE NF U 44-551 – GROUND WITH FERTILIZER Characteristics : Dry matter as a% of the crude product: 30% Organic matter as% of dry matter: 80% Electrical conductivity: 40 mS / cm Water retention capacity and% (v / v) of culture medium: 80% PH (H2O): 6.2 Fertilizers NPK 14-16-18: 1 kg / m³ Volume: 40L Specific information for storage and use: Product reserved for recreational gardening. Store product in a dry place away from direct sunlight.