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Perfect for foliar feeding, or to treat plants with a nitrogen deficiency: BioBizz Fish Mix.

Fish Mix from BioBizz is an organic liquid fertiliser that stimulates the biological activity in the soil and accelerates plant growth.

Fish mix consists of an organic fish emulsion from the North Sea as well as Dutch sugar beet extract. In the soil, Fish Mix improves the formation of microorganisms and useful bacteria. BioBizz Fish Mix is also very well suited for improving other growing media (e.g. coco coir).

Its naturally mild composition and high nitrogen content means that Fish Mix is also excellently suited for foliar feeding during the growth phase. For this purpose, a highly diluted solution can be sprayed directly onto the leaves. (Ideally shortly before the dark phase).

In accordance with the guidelines related to organic farming, no acids are used for extraction and no BHT is added for stabilisation during the process of producing Fish Mix.

Tip: When using Fish Mix for foliar feeding, spray the plants with pure water once after 2 applications, to that excess fertiliser can be absorbed or washed away. Otherwise, deposits may form in the long term, which will inhibit the chlorophylls ability to respire.